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All the things I've seen
In other words, my photography
Yeah, I love the sunset ones too myself ;)
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It appears that I hadn't posted here in a while... probably because I've tended to other things and that I'm actually doing less photography now. However, I can show some stuff I've taken since that time but all have one thing in common: the Shade white balance. When that's used, it gives the photos more colour and sometimes, almost like that an Instagram filter was used ;) Here they are.

[Image: EzWZr.jpg]

[Image: EzX3G.jpg]

[Image: EzvB3.jpg]

[Image: EzV4U.jpg]

[Image: EzdcB.jpg]

[Image: Ezin2.jpg]

[Image: E26u6.jpg]

[Image: EzpS0.jpg]

And, saving the best for last...
[Image: E2EXy.jpg]

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  • Kyng
Nice pics! As mundane as these objects are, these bright photos make them interesting to look at. 

What on Earth was going on with that dog, though :lol: ?
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(11-09-2018, 06:16 PM)Kyng Wrote: What on Earth was going on with that dog, though :lol: ?
It was happy to see me, apparently 8D
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