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Policy Personal data protection policy
On 25th May this year, a new piece of European Union legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. This is designed to ensure that any organisations which process your personal data are transparent about how and why they do. Technically, it applies only to users based in the European Union; however, our Privacy Policy extends the same basic privacy rights to all Coffee House users around the world. 

The following rules relate to personal data. That is, anything which allows the real 'you' to be identified (for example, your full name, your full date of birth, your email address, and so on). Under the GDPR and the Privacy Policy, you have the right to request a copy of your personal information from us; have it changed if it's incorrect; and have it removed if we no longer require it for the purpose for which we collected it.

Of course, protecting people's personal data is important - especially in light of what recently happened with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. However, it does mean we're required to make a few changes to the way in which we do things here. Specifically, we're introducing the following new rules:  
  1. Personal information may no longer be used in usernames. In particular, full names (first + last names) are no longer permitted as usernames (just the first name on its own is fair game). The reason for this rule is that, if a full name is used as a username, then it's going to get quoted and referenced in other people's posts - and then, should that user request the removal of their personal information, it won't be practical for us to comply with that request :( . So, to avoid creating those kinds of headaches for ourselves, anybody who signs up with a username which appears to be their first + last name will be changed to just the first name. 
  2. You may only post personal information about yourself in designated places. These include any threads started by yourself in the Community Café forums, and any threads specifically designated as "PDP-2 Exceptions". Again, if a user requests the removal of any personal information which they've posted, we don't want to have to trawl through all of their posts in order to see which ones contain personal information which needs to be removed. To avoid this problem, any post by you containing any of your personal information will be deleted, unless it was made in one of the designated places. 
  3. You may only post personal information about another user in designated places. These include any threads started by them in the Community Café forums, and any threads specifically designated as "PDP-3 Exceptions". Once again, any posts containing personal information about another user (outside the designated places) will be deleted. 
  4. You may only post personal information about another user if they have revealed it on here themselves. For example, if someone hasn't put their full name on here, then you are not allowed to post it. (Note that, even if they do tell us their full name, you're only permitted to post it in places where Rule #3 permits you to do so)
Thank you for reading and understanding. We know this sounds a bit restrictive - but, it's because we care about your privacy and your right to control what personal information of yours is put out on here (and, even if we didn't care about that, the law would force us to act as though we did :P )

Of course, if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them here :) !
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