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Oscars introduce 'Popular film' category

The Oscars are introducing a new category for outstanding achievement in popular film.

It's among three changes which were approved on Tuesday by the Academy's board of governors.

It means films which are popular with the public but less so with critics will be more likely to win an Oscar.

Superhero films such as Black Panther are among those which could now stand a much better chance of being recognised during awards season.

It's understood the change will come into effect in time for the next Oscars ceremony in February.

TBH this just comes across as pandering to the masses. These movies are already raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in cash; why do they need a statuette to go with it? 

I get that many of the Oscar-winning films these days aren't ones that the general public want to see - but, I can't see how this solves that issue. After all, if a critically-acclaimed film ever does become wildly successful at the box office (like, for example, Titanic), then I can just see it getting shoved into the 'popular' category, rather than having a shot at the main award.
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