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Saber(Fate/Stay Night) vs Nightmare
[Image: fate_stay_night_saber-1920x1080.jpg]
The ancient King of Camelot arrives to fight for justice in the modern world. Now, the undefeated king sings aloud the name of the miracle she holds in her hand. Its name is...EXCALIBUR!
Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, stamina, endurance and agility, master sword fighting skills, Noble Phantasms: Excalibur and Avalon, Activate Saber Alter(no Avalon but unlimited Excalibur god blasts, higher power and lower speed)
[Image: nightmare-sc4-rend.jpg]
The evil demon of Inferno’s hand will drown the world in blood and darkness!
Abilities: Superhuman physical abilities, Soul Edge, soul absorption, corruption, excellent sword fighting, sorcery
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