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Snapchat losing users

Snapchat is often name-dropped as being the must-have app for Millennials and their younger Generation Z cohorts, but new figures are causing concern that it could already have peaked.

For the first time, its parent Snap reported that the number of people using the service on a daily basis had dropped.

Over the April-to-June period it said it attracted 188 million daily active users (DAU), which is three million fewer than over the previous quarter.

There has been plenty of chatter in the past about whether the app's appeal could prove as ephemeral as its content.

Reality TV star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner sent shockwaves in Snap's direction when she suggested she had quit the platform - only to return to it shortly after.


I'm really not surprised by this. It seems like such an 'in' thing with no real lasting appeal. 

(With that said, I've never used Snapchat at all, so I'm probably not the best judge :P )
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People use Snapchat to upload things they can't post on their Facebook. Lol. It's a trash platform in every sense of the word, and has no merit even continuing to exist.
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(11-01-2018, 06:50 PM)Kyng Wrote: I'm not going to lie: I'm disappointed in you, Crow. 
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I use Snapchat to show off vegan food and to catch up with friends. I don’t use it for anything else. XD
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First Facebook, then Twitter, now this? Well, it seems that social media is slowly dying off... maybe.
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I have the app on my phone, but I barely use it at all. Just like most fads, it's come and gone. I know that one of my friends still uses it, because I get notifications saying that he posted on his story. I should just uninstall the app honestly... :V
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i had it for a VERY brief time frame and it was only between me and one of my friends. we used it to keep in touch. though really it wasnt a very useful tool imo. deleted it ages ago now.
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I love Snapchat, I use it loads. I have over 500,000 points on it. However, they started doing updates as a way to earn more money. The news articles etc. I can see why people went off it but a lot of people still use it regardless.
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(08-08-2018, 05:19 PM)Crooked Crow Wrote: People use Snapchat to upload things they can't post on their Facebook. Lol. It's a trash platform in every sense of the word, and has no merit even continuing to exist.

I totally agree with this. The app is confusing, it's hard to add friends and it's just meh to begin with. I used to use it a lot but only to send idiotic photos back and forth to my sister when we were bored. I don't even use it anymore.
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