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The Friendly Bunch
Board Name: The Friendly Bunch

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The Friendly Bunch is a community based forum with great members from all over the world. Also, we have a fantastic team of staff that are friendly, helpful and always ready to assist our friends in any way they can. There are lots of things to participate in at The Friendly Bunch from taking part in debates, playing games, discussing today's music and movies, to learning in our how to tips and tricks for board owners section, and a whole lot more.

The Friendly Bunch also has a graphics section where our members can make requests that includes Signatures & Avatars, Design Requests, Banners / Logos, Templates / Tags, Forum Markers / Buttons and various other graphics.

So why not pop on over and have a look and join in the fun to be had.

You can find us here at :
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A Great General Community Board
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  • Ravenfreak
“Board is currently offline.”
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(02-11-2019, 07:06 AM)JHG Wrote: “Board is currently offline.”
Yes, some of us know already, and it had been shut since mid-December. I spoke to him personally about this and he has no idea of when he can re-open it. Hopefully it'll be back soon.
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In that case, I'll move this to the archives.

@Mozzie: If this board ever re-opens, feel free to start a new thread, or I can move this one back if you want :) .
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Lurker101 Wrote:I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Mega Blok movie planned but the pieces wouldn't fit together.

(Thanks to ObsessedwithBirds for the avatar and sig!)
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