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Atrium (Forum)
Congrats :D

I've been meaning to join for a while, but just haven't had time to take on any more forums than I was already on. However, now that things have quietened down a bit on my end, I'll sign up later today :) .
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Pyrite Wrote:"It's called the Island of Sodor, not Hodor."

(In response to me misreading "Game of Thrones" as "Game of Thomas")

(Thanks to ObsessedwithBirds for the avatar and sig!)
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Oh man I forgot all about Atrium... Back when it first launched I managed to get over 100 posts within a few days! It's cool to see it return, I might need to visit the forum as it's been a while.
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Thanks CJ! And hope to see you again Ravenfreak! :D
Come join us today! <3

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Forum has closed so will archive this.
RIP Atrium.
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