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11/11 Armistice Day
Today (depending on time zone of when this was posted) on the 11th Day of the 11th Month marks the 100th Armistice day and 101 years since The Great War, The optimistically named The War to End All Wars, ended.
I don't have much to say as pretty much all has been said about the exploits of those who faced death in the eye and came out on top from Sargent York, to Harlem Hellfighters, Lost Battalion, The Red Barron, etc. Much has also been said to the horrors and tragedy that this new face of war has, from wide use of machine guns, to trench warfare, use of gas, Gallipoli, et al .

And yet though these horrors it has helped save the lives of countless people and gave countless more a better life. WW1 help spark chemotherapy for cancer and advancement in plastic surgery for those disfigured from war, among other things.

Today we remember those who gave so much be it time away from loved ones, to those who gave their mental health, limbs, and life in fighting.
(And for us Americans all those who served in the armed forces).

I leave you with this, a rendition of "Flanders Field"

WARNING: ACCORDING TO @ 321tumbler this poster may cause diabetes

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The EU killed the Internet star
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Yay Sabaton :D

But, on a more serious note: R.I.P. to all of those who died for our freedom, both in World War I and in other conflicts over the years. The scientific and technological advances that came from this war do complicate the legacy somewhat: they don't make the loss of life any less tragic, but if nothing else, they're more proof that these people did not die in vain.
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RIP to all of those who died uselessly, facing the mud and chocking on their own lungs.

It is incredibly sad to me knowing that their sarcrifice only led to a much bigger conflict later on. At least they could all rest knowing that they performed their duties to the best of their abilities.

May we remember them always.
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