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Pot-pourri making a comeback?

A bowl of pot-pourri was once a sign of comfortable middle-class status: an asset to be displayed on the coffee table. Then, slowly but unstoppably, it became the butt of sniffy jokes and an emblem of doomed social ambition.

Now, after collecting dust for more than a decade, the pot-pourri seems to be back. Not only can it be spotted inside fashionable lounges, it has also inspired a leading visual artist. The bad news is that few fans will be able to afford the new pot-pourris: luxury products cost between £70 and £330.

The classic 1980s mass-market pot-pourri, a selection of dried petals, herbs, pine cones, spices and the occasional piece of dehydrated fruit, was designed to emit a pleasant low-level odour and mark out a household from those relying on Shake ’n’ Vac to freshen up the domestic ambience.

But this festive season top-end retailers such as Petersham Nurseries and Santa Maria Novella are selling bespoke pot-pourri in designer jars, billing it as an eco-friendly and exclusive alternative to scented candles. In 2020, an exhibition in Cambridge looking at five decades of work by British punk artist Linder will feature her own pot-pourri “intervention”.

We've never had pot-pourri in our house (and I haven't seen it in anybody else's house for a long time now)... and, at that price, I don't expect we'll be part of any comeback!

So, does anyone here have any potpourri in their home - and, if not, is anybody planning to get any?
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We do, actually. :D We used to have some, which eventually got thrown out as it was getting a tad dusty and discoloured, and the smell had somewhat worn off. Now we seem to have a bowl in the dining room of various vaguely-scented, beige odds-and-sods which, from one of the descriptions up there, would also count it as pot-pourri.
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Oh man I remember this stuff from when I was young kid.

Haven't seen it in decades.

Also I read this as pot-pourri as if it was for people who are uh, enthuses of certain plants :P.

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