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Dad builds entire Potterverse in his lounge

A dad-of-four has amazed wizarding fans by making this amazing tiny version of the entire Harry Potter world -- in his living room.

Tony Rigby, 47, said it all started when he spotted a character in his Christmas village arrangement looked just like giant Hagrid.

He used some clay to transform the figure - and before he knew it he'd totally recreated the giant's hut from cardboard boxes, quick dry clay and paint - in amazing detail.

Married business consultant Tony has been working on the project for more than a year and has so far made the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade train station.

He also created Diagon Alley - the cobblestoned wizarding shopping alley - and Hogsmeade Village, complete with the student's favourite shops.

Spectacular stuff :O . It'd be impressive enough if he'd just built Hogwarts... but, even that isn't enough for him. He's also building the castle grounds; the Forbidden Forest; Diagon Alley; The Burrow; and other locations from the books and movies. There are quite a lot of pictures in the full article - and even more on his Instagram account.

Seems he's not finished yet either - so, I'll look forward to seeing the rest of his work!
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That's some impressive craftsmanship right there. Looks just like the original, and he probably didn't have enough of a budget to buy his own continent at his disposal which only adds to the wow factor.
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Wow, that does look amazing. He's super talented. Coolest dad ever!
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Very nice! I can imagine the rest is nicely made; I just couldn't bear to wait for the website to load for me! More news stories like this I'd like to see. On my area's local news - at least how the BBC site presents it - it always seems to be about murders and various other doom and gloom. Dx More Harry Potter makes, please!! :D
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