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Writing My Poems About Steve and Terri Irwin
Here Are Four Poems Of Steve and Terri Irwin:
A Poem About A BEAUTIFUL Angel

She studies about animals that are pets
And animals that live in the wild.
Whenever I see her I just break
Down & cry just like a child.

She is an Absolutely BEAUTIFUL
Angel, Goddess & Queen.
Her eyes are the sweetest
Eyes I've ever seen.

She may not have been
Born in Australia.
But to me she is
My favourite Sheila.

She is Absolutely BEAUTIFUL
Whenever I see her I say, "Oh, My Goddess"
For she is my role model, Terri Irwin,
The Crocodile Huntress.

My Tribute Poem About Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was a great man
He had so many fans.
Steve had a wonderful life
Terri Irwin is his beautiful wife.

Between them both they had kids, there were two
Their names are Robert Clarence and Bindi Sue.
The love between them was so true
They both worked at the Australia Zoo.

Until one tragic day
Sept. 4, 2006 Steve was killed by a stingray.
To end this poem, I'll say good-bye
But remember, Steve Irwin, was a great guy!


Terri Irwin is so great
On Sept. 4, 2006 she lost her soulmate.
Terri gave Steve all of her love
He is now looking down at her from up above.

Steve and Terri were made for each other
They really loved one another.
Steve and Terri should have been together
Forever and ever and ever.

No words could ever express
Her love for his tenderness.
Whenever you saw them they both had smiles
They both love crocodiles.

How many animals do they hate? Zero
Steve is everyone's hero.
To end this poem, I'll say good-bye
But remember, Steve Irwin, is Terri's guy.

Terri Irwin

Terri Irwin
She is so great
She has everything
She had Steve as her man
A wonderful daughter
An adorable son
She is a hero of a lot of Sheilas
Like me for example
Terri Irwin
What a gal
Don't ever change
I love you the way you are.
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  • Kyng, ᵔᴥᵔWinter Bearᵔᴥᵔ
Yep - I remember being rather shocked about Steve Irwin's passing... of course, it was clear that he was doing very dangerous things, but even so, he had that aura about him that made him seem invincible. Sadly, it wasn't to be :'( .

Lovely poems, though :wub:
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Yeah I know it was pretty sad.

Thank you.
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Steve Irwin’s death affected so many so writing a tribute poem about him is very meaningful. I love that you included details of his life and his death, such as his children’s names and how he died. The tone is these poems is lovely.
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Zach Eruption Headache Lee
Much respect to you @ Black Sheep for your poetry.
Much respect to the Irwins in memory of Steve "The Crocodile Hunter"
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Thank you both for those kind words about my poems.
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