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Writing My Doodlebops Poem
Written on: 3-25-06
The Doodlebops are my favorite band
I know that they will always lend a helping hand.
To their fans they always stay true
Their favorite colors are Pink, Orange and Blue.
The girl is the brightest star
She plays an instrument called a key-tar.
Their bus driver always does his job
His name is Bus Driver Bob.
Their friend Mudge thinks he’s all that
Even though he’s a puppet who’s a cat.
In season 1 they had a Manager named Mazz
In season 2 they have a Manager named Jazz.
Their new friend Audio Murphy says things that are true
He is a dog puppet who’s fur color is blue.
They always put smiles on their fans where ever they go
Their names are Deedee [Image: 848791.gif] , Rooney [Image: 340812.gif] , and Moe [Image: 139279.gif] .
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSDtxgMnjGm6vfzOKUv8pJ...1LisNaBg&s]
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