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Favourite geometric shapes?
There are all kinds of geometric shapes and solids: squares, circles, triangles, stars, cubes, prisms, pyramids, and whole myriads of less familiar or crazier ones :lol: . What are some of your favourites?

I'll start out with something called the 'Reuleaux triangle'. It's basically an equilateral triangle with curved sides that bulge outwards:

[Image: yG60Gr7.png]
(Source: StackExchange)

It looks like the illegitimate child of a triangle and a circle - and, consequently, it has some of the same properties that circles do. For example, you may have heard the job interview question "Why are manhole covers round instead of square?" - and the answer to this is "Because a square manhole cover could fall into the manhole if you dropped it in diagonally - whereas you can't do this with a round manhole cover, because it's the same width in every direction". The Reuleaux triangle also has this property: its edge-to-edge distance is the same in any direction (or, to use the mathematical terminology, it is a "curve of constant width"). So, if you want to make manhole covers, and you think round ones are boring and overdone, then this shape gives you an alternative :lol: .

While we're at it, there are a couple of other applications for this shape. For example, you could make Reuleaux triangular coins: they can go into parking meters or vending machines any way up (this is why the British 20p and 50p coins have bulging edges: that shape is another example of a curve of constant width). Another thing you can do with these shapes is make make rollers out of them - or you could even make a car or a bike with Reuleaux triangluar wheels if you really wanted to (there's a video of it below - and it looks ridiculous, but it works Rofl !!!)

So, what are some of your favourite shapes?
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My favorite shape are squares because that is also the favorite shape of Joe played by Donovan Patton on Blue's Clues.
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My favorite shape has always been the triangle, long before I played the LoZ series even. "I just love triangles."
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