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Michelle Darwin
Name: Michelle Darwin
Age: 28
Gender: Female 
Characteristics: Tall and lithe, despite being short, is very strong; wears mostly blue and black shirts and jeans. 
Personality: Tends to be a bit of a smartass, likes to joke around but when she’s serious, they’ll know it. 
Items: Spotting scope for viewing far away. (If you don’t know what that is, they’re like binoculars and a telescope but more or less like the latter.)
Other information: Can speak to animals. 
History: Was stabbed in the butt by a deer, trying to comfort him before she tranquilised him with a tranq. gun. She tends to have psychopathic tendencies, such as trying to befriend animals before she darts them. Her cabin gets little or no reception, so she lives as recluse in the middle of the woods. Her only means of communication is by a slow wifi connection, letters and satellite phone (if it works). She was able to stitch up her own wounds, without any medical supervision.
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