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K-pop star Sulli found dead at 25

The K-pop star and actor Sulli has been found dead at the age of 25. Police said that the celebrity, born Choi Jin-ri, was discovered unconscious at her Seongnam residence on 14 October.

“Her manager visited her home after failing to reach her since their last call the night before,” Seongnam police said.

Sulli was a member of the popular K-pop girl group f(x), launched by SM Entertainment in 2009, which achieved domestic and some international success. Sulli went on hiatus from the group in July 2014, reportedly suffering from “stress-related pain”, related to the circulation of rumours about her personal life.

She finally left the group in August 2015 to focus on her acting career, taking a role in the 2017 superhero movie Real. She also released her debut solo single, Goblin, this summer.

Very sad to see she's ended it all at such a young age, when she had so much more to give in life :'( . If only she could have received the help she needed before it was too late...

My condolences to her friends and family.
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Yeah, they're investigating this as possible suicide. Suicide is always sad, but especially when someone is so young. :'(
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Oh man... may she rest in peace.
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I saw this all over social media the other day. Although I’m not into K-Pop music, the news is devastating for her fans and the people closest to her. I read somewhere that a lot of K-Pop artists will get bullied online or harassed due to some of the stigma around the community (which some people argue is because of the fan base). However, suicide is definitely a subject that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I can imagine that she was suffering from depression or other mental health issues for a while. It can be hard to disconnect or get help, especially in the public eye, so I can’t even imagine how she felt leading up to this. 25. May she rest in peace.
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