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Blizzard bans Hearthstone player over Hong Kong protest
Was "Mobile CoD breaks records despite boycott"
(10-13-2019, 01:39 PM)Lurker101 Wrote: I disagree there is reason why these posts being removed is suspect, Tencent (a Chinese company) has put in 100s of millions of dollars in to reddit.

TBH, Gao didn't even state explicitly that these were pro-Hong Kong posts that were being removed. (Granted, I'd expect the vast majority of Reddit posts on this matter to be pro-Hong Kong, and only a small minority to be pro-China, but still)

So, @ Gaomon274: from what you've seen, are pro-China posts (if indeed there are any) being handled differently from pro-Hong Kong ones, from what you've seen?
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Lurker101 Wrote:I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Mega Blok movie planned but the pieces wouldn't fit together.

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I mainly just see the front page and a few subreddits that interest me so I'm by no means in a position to speak as a grand scope but what I've seen was both pro and anti (majority anti) content being removed and any anti HK stuff that remained was heavily downvoted.
I do know posts showing bad actions against HK have also gotten prominence on r/politics and r/trashy and stuff like that.
Theres also r/HongKong which is mostly pro HK from what I see land on the front page and there's is one anti HK subreddit that I've seen mentioned but I forgot the name and it wasn't remotely liked in chatter I did see.

The Blizzard family of subreddits have been condoning it especially r/Hearthstone but the general rule of subreddits allowing it is stay in subreddit rules and no flooding the subreddit.

The US WoW forum has been allowing chatter as long as it's mostly funneled into one thread, unsure if EU WoW or other Blizzard game forums are doing the same.

Edit - Currently on the front page is a picture of HK protestors in unity with a banner saying Free HK and Democracy Now from r/pics as the top post.
r/NBA, r/Hearthstone, r/news, r/Blizzard, and r/nottheOnionare trending today too.
All but NTO and News have recent HK stories at least once on the front page, with Hearthstone and Blizzard being flooded.

Overall Reddit has been pro HK.
Once the Hearthstone incident happened it helped them post things related to it with the Overwatch Mei plan to redesign the character to be pro-HK and post their own designs everywhere.
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Blizzard has finally addressed one of my issues on this incident.
They have issued a six month ban to the US team that had held up a message similar to Blitz's that had originally gotten no penalty.

While the ban length still feels excessive, at least both teams/players received equal treatment (in the end) for the same action.

Rule cited was related to sportsmanship and professionalism, which I assume includes is a no-politics clause.
So now I'm left with while I get the ban in the presence of such a rule, I don't agree with the length of the ban and I don't think the original commentary crew should have been included.
Hopefully Blizzard will learn from this on how to treat players in all regions and series fairly and communicate in a transparent and open way.

While not directly linked to this, Blizzard and Nintendo had an event scheduled this week to celebrate Overwatch coming to Switch, but the event was cancelled just one or two days before the big event. I can't say I blame them though, with as many angry fans as you got, holding an event in a store may not go stellar.
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