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BlizzCon 2019 Predictions
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Alrighty so figured since a big gaming convention was coming up we'd do predictions for it.
What is Blizzcon? Blizzcon is basically E3 but for Blizzard's games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo.
It spans a few days and we usually see at least two of their games get new content announcements (such as new patches or expansions) and sometimes we even see a new game announced such as Diablo Immortal last year.

Your task is to predict 5 things that will happen at this year's Blizzcon.
They could be, that X game will be receiving a major patch or expansion.
Or you could say that you think that X will be added to Y like saying you think Penguins will be added as a playable race in WoW.

The only things off limits are:
WoW / WoW Classic receiving a patch, both have already announced this. (WoW is getting 8.3 and Classic already has its patches outlined. BUT if you want to speculate a new expansion, that's fair game.) If you want to speculate a release date for a patch, that is ok unless it is announced prior to BlizzCon.

You have until 10/30 to enter.

100 credits per correct guess, 500 total.
3 or more and you double your winnings and a perfect score is worth a ribbon.

Note that I'm only counting things that happen on the days of BlizzCon, if it is mentioned before or after it won't count.
You will also need to update your predictions if something predicted is announced, such as a release date for X game is announced and you had it pegged as a prediction.
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