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250th anniversary of Cook's landing in NZ
New Zealand New Zealand

A flotilla has arrived in New Zealand commemorating the 250th anniversary of the first Europeans to set foot there.

British explorer Captain James Cook and the crew of the HMS Endeavour came to shore at Gisborne on 8 October 1769, ushering in colonial rule.

Events are taking place around the country to mark the milestone date.

But nine indigenous people died during the first meeting between Cook and the Maori, who had been living in New Zealand - or Aotearoa - for centuries.

Many say it is not an anniversary to celebrate, and protests were held on the shore as the Endeavour replica arrived on Tuesday.

Yeah, it has to be said, this is an anniversary that'll mean very different things to very different people. Some will take pride in the progress that New Zealand has made over the past 250 years, both economically and socially - but others will see nothing to celebrate in this anniversary, as, from the perspective of the Maoris, this was was an invasion by a foreign power.

Ultimately, I suppose it's not possible to undo the past suffering of those long since dead, so we can only understand it and learn from it, to build a better future for all.
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