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Policy Spoilers!
A trivia quiz nut's best friend :3
Okay, this has kind of been an unwritten rule, but I think just to avoid any confusion or annoyance, I'm going to post this anyway.

If you're posting something that will potentially give away answers in a trivia quiz, please put it in spoiler tags. In fairness, that's the only guideline we really should have for the trivia quiz section :P Besides of course being off-topic and/or inappropriate, which are general board rules anyway! ;)
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Apparently CJ thinks my linguistics reading collection is massive enough to be one of the 25 most massive objects in the Solar System :lol:
(07-30-2018, 07:07 PM)Kyng Wrote: Come to think of it, I'm surprised Jarkko's collection of linguistics reading material wasn't there :thinking: .
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