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Holidays you planned, but never took
Quite often, when planning a vacation, people look at several different options before deciding on one. Or, once they've decided on one, they'll find it impractical for one reason or another, and then switch to a different plan (or cancel the trip altogether). So, what are some of the vacation plans that you made, and then never acted on? What caused you to change your mind about them?

Here are a few of mine:

  • Cornwall/Devon: This plan began to take shape in January 2015. Since my sister was studying Biology at university at the time, the idea was that we would visit the Eden Project in Cornwall. This seemed like a nice idea; however, nobody was enthusiastic about driving that far. So, we decided that we'd instead go to Devon - which is in much the same direction, but a little nearer. And, there, the idea stalled for months, because nobody had any strong views on what they'd like to do - but, at the same time, nobody could suggest any alternative destinations! In the end, this idea made no further progress, and so Cheddar Gorge in Somerset remains the furthest south-west I have ever been.

  • Switzerland: Lots of lovely scenery to be enjoyed here, and also loads of train stuff for me :lol: . Sadly, with this being Switzerland, it proved impossible to find a hotel at a price we considered reasonable - so, it never happened.

  • Iceland: The idea was that we would climb volcanoes and glaciers, and do some whale-watching. This was vetoed by my mum, who has zero interest in those kinds of things.

So, what about you?
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