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Mistakes you made as a new player
Cross-posted from the old board:

I'm sure we've all done this: we've bought a new game; decided we couldn't be bothered sitting through the tutorial; dived straight in....and played the game hilariously badly, in a manner which we would come to cringe at when we eventually became more seasoned veterans :lol: . Here's a place to share examples of the mistakes you made as a newbie, so that the rest of us can laugh with you!

I'll start with an example from Fallout: New Vegas. I wanted to explore the starting town as thoroughly as I could before moving on - and so, naturally, I found a lot of stuff lying around on the ground. Rather than just picking up the valuable/useful things, I would pick up everything I could find, in case I found a use for it later. I made a particular point of picking up the empty tin cans: I assumed I would be able to melt them down and craft them into awesome weapons at some point :P .

So, what are your funny mistakes that you made in games, when you were too new to know any better?
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