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Multi-platform games that you own
Some videogames are accessible on an array of consoles, such as the computer or a Nintendo Switch. I know, for example, that GTA V is on multiple consoles. Same with Stardew Valley.

So, question is, does anyone own the game same on different gaming platforms? If so, which game and which console is it better on for you?

The only game I can think of where this is the case for me is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I first played it on virtual console on the Wii then again on my 3DS. I preferred it on the 3DS for multiple reasons. One reason was because they had revamped the graphics for the remake and another reason is because it was easier for me to play. It was comfortable lying in bed on my side with my 3DS in my hands. Other than that, I do not think I have otherwise...
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I'm pretty much just a PC gamer these days, so I don't think I own any games on multiple platforms as such. Even when I did play on the Dreamcast, there weren't any games that I played on both that and the PC.

Probably the closest is a few games that got for Windows 98, and then had to get again for Windows XP because the original copies didn't work on that operating system. A couple of the Lego games fell into this category, for example.
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