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People tend to wear slippers around the house. Or, they do not wear any shoes around the house. So, do you ever wear slippers? Do you even own a pair? Why?

I do not wear slippers. I walk around the house barefoot. I hate the feeling and my feet would be cramped after a while. I was gifted a pair from my older brother a while ago but I have no idea where they went. 

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I'm pretty sure I used to have some slippers, which I mainly wore late in the day. I haven't used them in years, though: these days, I just wear socks on my feet when going around the house.

I never got into the whole "walking around the house barefoot" thing. My favourite toy as a child was Lego - so going barefoot was not an option. (Not that socks provided much protection from the pieces, to be honest :lol: !)
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I have a pair of slippers, I only really use them when I am in my basement in winter/late fall when the floor gets really cold.

My office for work is in the basement.

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I've had various pairs, pretty sure I don't have any anymore. Should get some.

I like to walk barefoot, but by the end of the day my feet get so dirty, so I try to wear something. Either socks or some form of shoe. In the summer I pretty much use sandals as slippers.
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