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A way to repair tooth enamel?

A team of researchers from Zhejiang University and Xiamen University has found a way to repair human tooth enamel. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the group describes their process and how well it worked when tested.

Humans have battled tooth decay for thousands of years—the longer we live, the more challenging the problem becomes. Many consumables lead to loss of the hard enamel that protects teeth from decay—and once lost, it never grows back. The current standard treatment involves removal of rotted tooth material and filling the cavity with a hard replacement material. For many years, scientists have sought a way to replace tooth enamel once it is lost—but until now, such efforts have not led to a suitable replacement. In this new effort, the researchers in China report that they have at long last found a solution.

To repair tooth enamel, the researchers first created extremely tiny (1.5-nanometer diameter) clusters of calcium phosphate, the main ingredient of natural enamel. Each of the tiny clusters was then prepared with the chemical compound triethylamine—doing so prevented the clusters from clumping together. The clusters were then mixed with a gel that was applied to a sample of crystalline hydroxyapatite—a material very similar to human enamel.

Sounds promising :) !

Question is, will it be possible to make this practical for normal dentists to do on teeth that are still in people's mouths? And, if it is, then will it be possible to make it less expensive (or, at least, not way more expensive) than regular tooth fillings?
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