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Surgeons save hand severed by electric saw

A carpenter whose hand was left hanging by skin and bone after a horrific accident with an electric saw has had it successfully reattached by surgeons.

Anthony Lelliott, 46, almost completely severed his left hand in two places while cutting floorboards with the power tool.

It took surgeons at St George's Hospital in South London 17 hours to repair the damage.

They say it is one of the worst cases they have ever seen.

Consultant plastic surgeon Roger Adlard performed the initial 13-hour operation with his colleague Farida Ali.

Well, that was a remarkable piece of work by the surgeons :O .

Of course, it's never going to be possible for it to function as a completely normal hand - but, hopefully, he'll still be able to do many of the things he enjoyed doing.
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Even if it doesn’t function properly, there’s still rehabilitation and there’s less staring at the streets. I remember I saw a video a while back with a boy that received a double hands transplant and with perseverance, he was actually able to do a few basic things with them. It’s amazing that this hand was able to be recovered and I wish him the best.
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