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Triathletes disqualified for finishing hand-in-hand
Olympics Olympics

Britain's Jess Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown's were disqualified from the World Triathlon Olympic qualification event in Tokyo after crossing the finish line hand-in-hand.

A photo finish initially gave Learmonth, 31, victory but the pair were later deemed to have broken a race rule.

An appeal was rejected and compatriot Vicky Holland was upgraded to third.

Bermuda's Flora Duffy was awarded the win ahead of Italy's Alice Betto.

Britain's Non Stanford, the 2013 world champion, finished seventh.

A sad way for this race to end :( . It seems they were just trying to be good sportsmen, after all.

I suppose rules are rules, and there is a clear-cut rule against this (hence why the appeal was rejected) - but, I'm curious as to why this rule exists in the first place. I assume it's in response to some past incident, and it isn't just the governing body just being killjoys for the sake of it?
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