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Kangaroos seen frolicking in snow
Australia Australia

Footage has emerged of kangaroos bounding through a field in Australia that has been blanketed in snow.

After strong winds and freezing winter conditions swept across three south-eastern states, parts of the country experienced rare snowfall.

Twitter user Stephen Grenfell filmed the kangaroos as he drove past their paddock in New South Wales on Saturday.

Posting the clip, he wrote: "Not something you see every day in Australia. Kangaroos in the snow."

In response, another user posted a photo of kangaroos in the snow on a golf course.

Awww :wub:

Not something these kangaroos get to experience very often, so I hope they made the most of it!
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well if what they said in the video is true then snow will be around for 3 months. the roos probably just like the reprieve from the heat.
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Aww that's so adorable!
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That’s really cute!!
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