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Wizards, I am a Muggle. Ask me anything
Okay, this thread is a little bit different: it's sort of like an Ask Me thread, but we'll do it while role-playing as characters, and you ask me questions from the perspective of those characters :P .

Essentially, you'll all be playing as wizards (from the Harry Potter universe). You can either use one of J.K. Rowling's characters (specify which one), or you can invent your own character. I will be playing as a Muggle, and I will be taking questions from the wizards. I will answer the questions to the best of my ability; you're then free to ask follow-up questions, or I might ask some questions to you...

That's the basic idea - so, let's jump straight in :P . Everything below this line will be in-character:

Welcome to London, wizards and witches! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for making the journey :) .

I don't expect you will have met me before, so please allow me to introduce myself briefly. My name is Alexander Milne, and I work as the Minister for Transport in Her Majesty's Government. I am incapable of magic; that is, I am what you would call a 'Muggle' (or, those of you who came here from North America may instead know us by the name 'No-Maj').

It is my understanding that relations between our worlds have been rather fraught over the years - and, sadly, both worlds have discriminated against members of the other in the past. Thus, in the interests of building mutual ties of friendship, I have been appointed as an envoy to the Wizarding World, and agreed to host a series of meetings featuring representatives from both worlds. In this first session, my aim is simply to educate you about the Muggle way of life: about our technology (and how it enables us to carry out some of the functions for which wizards would use magic); about our society; and about the challenges presented by the absence of magic. Of course, I am aware that the Wizarding World also brings challenges of its own which are not present in the Muggle world - and, to this end, I may ask follow-up questions of my own after I have answered your own ones.

So, with the pre-amble out of the way, who would like to ask the first question?
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