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'Reflections of Research' science image competition winners announced

[Image: Vq3jL6J.jpg]
(Source: Iona Cuthbertson / British Heart Foundation; View licence terms)

'Reflections of Research' is the British Heart Foundation's annual competition for images relating to heart and circulatory diseases, which has been running since 2005.

This year’s winning image ‘A Sea of Cells’, which could be mistaken for the thick brushstrokes of a Vincent van Gogh painting bringing to life an ocean bloom, is in fact a close-up of smooth muscle cells that surround the blood vessels in mice.

The winning researcher, Iona Cuthbertson, is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. She is exploring the ways in which rare types of smooth muscle cells in the walls of arteries rapidly grow after injury. Iona is investigating what the rapid growth means in relation to conditions such as atherosclerosis, where there’s a build-up of fatty substances inside arteries – a condition associated with increased stroke and heart attack risk.

If you want to see all of the shortlisted entries, then go here - or, if you'd like to check out winners from previous years, they can be found ]here.

Some nice pictures here - although, personally, I prefer the supporters' favourite over the judges' favourite depicted at the beginning of the topic!
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