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Gay penguins adopt abandoned egg
Penguin Penguin

Two male penguins are set to fulfil their goal of becoming parents after they were given an abandoned egg to care for.

The couple, Skipper and Ping, who live at Berlin Zoo, have long wanted to have a penguin chick of their own, and have even tried hatching “fish and stones” in the past, according to zoo spokesperson Maximilian Jäger, who spoke to the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

The king penguins, both of who are 10-years-old, were given the egg in July after it was abandoned by the only female king penguin at the zoo, who has recently shown disinterest in her eggs.

According to zookeeper Norbert Zahmel, the expectant fathers’ instincts kicked in as soon as they were given the egg.

“We just had to put it in front of one of the males,” Zahmel told BZ newspaper. “He immediately knew what to do.”

Sad to see this chick has been abandoned by its mother: I wonder what's causing that :( ?

However, it's nice to see these two penguins are stepping in :) . It sounds like they've been successful so far, and I hope that continues!
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well if the egg is fertilized then chances are it will hatch given time. so only time will actually tell.
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Lorenz, as an ethologist, did research on bird imprinting. His research consisted of letting birds hatch to see him or their mother. He basically found that freshly hatched chicks tend to attach themselves or 'imprint' onto the first thing they see. This meant that half of the birds had an attachment to him. It's a secure base for survival so they can keep close proximity. 

This news is great. It's so sad that they were trying to hatch stones but I'm glad that they will be able to have their own child now. It's important that these penguins have role models and feel safe. Good luck to Skipper and Ping! ;)
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