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Best place for stock images?
I was poking around for one, and wondered what ones you guys use if you use any? SHARE! XD
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Depends on what you want. I usually just run a Google search with 'clipart' tagged on at the end, if I want some kind of object. Pinterest is usually a good source for stock images, too.
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Personally for stock images, I tend to use deviant art. I bet @ queenzelda would know more places since I have no idea where she finds her sprites in the wild. XD
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[Image: d7vij96-a63b17ec-74ef-44a5-bdfc-2e70814679ca.gif] [Image: orgxiii_roxas_stamp_by_xselfdestructive-d31xvow.gif] [Image: 9f6ed7ab86783c057973c1b2caa35f9a-d4927wj.png][Image: jam_those_tunes_by_northboundfox-d4dz2bk.png]
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I get a lot of my sprites from Any other sprites I find using google. I tend to use google or deviant art for stock images as well. :3
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I'm sure this is common sense, but I figured I'd mention it anyway: ALWAYS make sure the images are not copyrighted before you use them.
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It used to be Flickr for all things images, but after the recent acquisition away from Yahoo, not sure if the quality still remains the same.
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I often look around Wikimedia Commons, as the images there are free. Usually.
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For stock images, I go to KissPNG, because that's where I go to find stock images for my creations.
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