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Things that confused/misled you in games
I think it's fair to say that some games are more difficult than others. Sometimes, the difficulty is in their by design: the game's developers specifically intended the game or the level to be hard. However, on other occasions, I'll find a level difficult (or even impossible) for an entirely different reason: I've misunderstood the objectives, or the workings of other important game elements. This thread is for those occasions, where something in a game has confused you, or you've misunderstood the game in ways that have created extra difficulty.

One example was from RollerCoaster Tycoon. In another thread, @ Lurker101 brought up a volcano scenario, where the goal was to complete five unfinished coasters, each with an excitement rating of at least 6.00. I automatically assumed that the volcano was going to erupt at some point (thus killing all of the guests and trashing all of the roller coasters), and it'd be a race against time to complete the scenario before this happened. I'm not sure why I did: the only thing to suggest that this could happen (other than the presence of the volcano itself) was some in-game text that referred to a "dormant volcano", as opposed to an "extinct volcano", so I guess I figured that "if it's not extinct then it might erupt at some point". I suppose this misunderstanding didn't make things more difficult for me (if anything, I completed the game more quickly than I otherwise would have done), but it did keep me on the edge of my seat!

So, what are some of yours?
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