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Artwork / Photos "The Coffee House" Minecraft Build
Recently I finished an entry for the "Build A Coffee House" Minecraft Contest that was run on here, and in case anyone missed it or just wanted to further comment on it I figured I'd share it in its own thread. :)


As you can see, my interpretation of the theme was to build a house inside a coffee cup! I used smooth quartz for the entire outside so that the cup remained smooth, but used stairs and the debug stick to add a little bit of depth to some of the walls, particularly the corners. The top is meant to look like a coffee swirl (similar to the TCH logo) and I hid campfires beneath it on top of the interior walls so that smoke puffed out of it to look like a hot cuppa. My goal with the inside was to make it feel warm and cozy, with a mixture of light and dark browns to not only resemble the colours of coffee but also because the default theme uses both light and dark browns. Although not intended, I like to think that the cream colours of the walls can resemble cream or milk you'd put in your coffee, and the green is just a good break up but could resemble the colour of tea leaves or something. I'm not sure how well it shows up, but the windows also use brown and green stained glass.

I hadn't used it prior to this build, but for anyone making creative builds I highly recommend using the debug stick (obtain it with give commands). It lets you change block states on blocks that allow it, so you can set stairs to have shapes that wouldn't necessarily be possible by just placing them, such as having a single corner stair. Just be aware that placing or updating any block that is next to it will cause the block state to update and so things like solo corner stairs will revert back to a normal stair, but a quick click on it with the debug stick will put it back to how you need. :)
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I'm glad this won the contest, since it's a great piece of work! I love all the little details - and I think the way in which the building is laid out does a good job of making the interior look much larger and more spacious than it actually is :) .

I doubt I'll be having any tea leaves in my coffee any time soon - but, even so, I think it looks wonderful :D .
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