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Wearables to be made using red wine?

Scientists from the University of Manchester in the U.K. are hoping to improve wearable technology using acids from red wine, black tea and black coffee.

The team of scientists discovered that adding tannic acid extracted from red wine, black tea and black coffee to materials like cotton used to create wearable sensors improved the durability and flexibility of wearable devices. Added to the cotton, the tannic acid improved the mechanical properties of the material, thereby increasing the devices' lifespan.

While developing wearable devices like capacitive breath sensors and artificial hands, the team found that wearables often fail following repetitive bending and folding, which creates micro-cracks that interrupt the conductivity of the devices. By adding a layer of tannic acid to the material, researchers discovered that conductivity in the wearables improved by several hundred (even thousands) of times over conventional conductive materials because conductive coating easily detaches from textiles by way of repetitive flexing and bending.

This is pretty weird. Though, since these will be made with a product derived from red wine, rather than the wine itself, it *should* be impossible to get drunk on these.

Still, it's good to know that those annoying wine stains may turn out to have a practical use :P !
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That's curious.
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