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Digital or physical?
Cross-posted from the old board:

Traditionally, video games have been bought and sold in the form of physical copies (such as CDs and cartridges). However, in recent years, digital platforms (such as Steam and Origin) have risen and become a popular alternative. Do you use these, or do you tend to buy physical media?

These days, all of my purchases are digital. The last time I got a physical game was actually in 2011, when I got Total War: Shogun 2 on CD. I can't see this changing any time soon either - not least because my new laptop doesn't even have a CD drive :lol: !

What about you?
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I kinda do a mixture. If I see it in the store may just buy it there. If I’m impatient download. Though certain games like say Zelda I’d buy physically.
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Small games or free games then digital. Any first party games that i really care about then physical. I always prefer physical games, i like having collections.
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Digital, since the game cartridge can't be lost.
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