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Across the board, inflation is a fact of life. Most often, this will manifest itself in the form of price increases, which creep up year on year. However, there's also the phenomenon of "shrinkflation": the price remains the same, but the size of the product decreases. This is most common with food items, although it can also happen with other products (such as cosmetics or cleaning fluids). Sometimes, consumers don't mind it or don't notice it; however, on other occasions, it can induce a backlash. This is just a place to share any cases of shrinkflation that you've come across - whether controversial or not :P .

One example that I've noticed is Butterkist microwave popcorn. Their bags used to be 100 grams each (which was supposed to serve 3 people). That's quite a lot, though - so, if it had been reduced to 80g, then I suppose I wouldn't have complained. However, I recently spotted that it had gone down to 70 grams - at which point, each person only gets a little over 20 grams. And then, yesterday, I noticed that this had been reduced further, to 60 grams: this is fine for two people, but really to small for three -_- .

So, have you noticed any examples yourself?
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