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Condé Nest Traveler [YouTube channel]
A few days ago, I posted a video featuring 50 Americans (one from each state), all trying to describe their state's accent. Since then, I've seen quite a few of these videos - and, I thought I should start a thread for them :P .

They have videos on a variety of travel-related topics (for example, cities, hotels and road trips); however, my personal favourites are those of the previously-described format. Either they'll get on a bunch of people from around the world to talk about an aspect of their country, or they'll bring on a bunch of Americans to talk about some aspect of their state. For example, here's another "50 Americans" one, this time where each American takes a short quiz about their own state:

If you're American, how far would you have got with that quiz? Or, if you're not American, would you have done any better? (I knew most of the state capitals, but after that, I was pretty lost :( !)

(Also, before anyone brings this up: no, I don't know why the guy from Massachusetts was eliminated for correctly identifying that his state flower was the mayflower!)
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