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What's on your bedside table?
Many of us will have a bedside table next to our beds. This will be used for keeping important things, either on the surface or inside draws or mini cupboards built into the table itself. What do you have on (or in) yours?

I don't really have a 'bedside table' as such, but I do have a stack of crates which serves a similar purpose :lol: Usually, this is where I keep the things I usually take out of the house with me (for example, my wallet and my phone). Other items sometimes end up here if I find it convenient: right now, there's a few books, some nail clippers, a pen, my camera and a watch. The top crate has a little compartment built into its lid, which is where I keep things like my SD cards and USB flash drives. Inside the crates are all sorts of random junk: for example, this is where my foreign coins live :P .

What about you?
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Some years back my mom put in a shelf next to my bed to be used as one.

Mine has a small plastic box to hold various stuff. Some medicine stuff, some fidget stuff. In front of it is a wooden cross. Next to the box is a vision bottle. And next to that my sun alarm clock.
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At the time of posting, just two glasses of water.
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A plant, coaster, clock and my eyeglasses when I go to bed.
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I don't really have one, but I'm on the lookout for one.
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On it; my jewelry box, bottle of water in a coaster, with my phone/tablet on it. Inside of it? That's my business. :p
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