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BBC iPlayer to keep programmes for a year

The BBC will be allowed to keep programmes on its iPlayer service for up to a year after they are first broadcast rather than the current 30 days, in an attempt to help the corporation compete with Netflix.

The media regulator, Ofcom, approved the change provisionally, saying it would “increase choice and availability of public-service broadcast content, and help ensure the BBC remains relevant in the face of changing viewing habits”.

The BBC had said it feared for the corporation’s future unless it were allowed to make the change. It said younger audiences, who were used to watching programmes on Netflix, struggled to understand why shows would disappear from iPlayer after just a few weeks, potentially undermining their willingness to pay the £154.50 annual licence fee.

BBC iPlayer pioneered video streaming in the UK, but is now a relatively minor player. It had a 40% share of the market five years ago, but this has slumped to 15% following the explosive growth of Netflix and other streaming services.

Well, I doubt I'll get much use out of this: I rarely use iPlayer, and even when I do, it's to watch a show from the last couple of days.

I guess this is nice to have, though :) !
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So to watch something with in a year I need to pay 154.50 in a year vs a more longer with with 72 pounds a year I have a bit more security... sounds like a deal. :P

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I thought 30 days was too soon! It's good they're doing this as sometimes I'd miss a good show and find out it's also off of iPlayer and that's that. Or I record it from iPlayer after missing it on BBC and it's gone before I have the time to watch it - or worse! - some episodes are downloaded and some normally recorded, and I start watching them and then find some episodes are missing! :O

So yeah, I'm for this decision.
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Sounds cool, but what shows does it have?
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I knew about this months ago. Good move, I think.

(06-14-2019, 03:37 AM)JHG Wrote: Sounds cool, but what shows does it have?
Anything that was shown on any BBC channel. However, I believe the iPlayer is only available for UK residents (much like for the ITV Player).
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