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Why bats live unusually long for their size

Scientists have identified genes that may give long-lived bat species their extraordinary lifespans and ability to resist cancer compared to other animals. This is an important milestone for researchers around the world working to increase human lifespan while maintaining good health.

It provides critical evidence of how direct intervention in the ageing process itself might help reduce illnesses associated with getting old, and increase lifespan and quality of living.

Bats live way longer than expected, do not get cancer, and defy the conventional belief in nature that if you live fast, you die young.

The findings of an international team of scientists led by researchers at University College Dublin show bats limit the level of DNA damage they experience as they age, increase their levels of DNA repair and removal of cellular damage, which is partially controlled by regulatory genes.

Yeah, adjusting for size, bats have extremely long lifespans: according to this page, they live 20-40 years, compared to 2-3 years for a similarly-sized rat :O .

Anyway, I wonder whether they'll be able to apply this to humans or other animals?
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If we manage to turn that knowledge into something usable to both ourselves and other species around us, this could be downright the dawn of a new era!
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I've known about this a while. Pretty freakin cool.
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