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Dark Phoenix set to lose over $100 million

X-Men: Dark Phoenix looks set to lose over $100 million (£79m) after failing to impress fans and critics.

Released last week, the James McAvoy-starring film was slammed by early reviewers – resulting in a less than impressive 23% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

With Dark Phoenix subsequently receiving the lowest-ever box office opening in X-Men history, it has been reported that backers will be hit with an “estimated $100m-$120 million” loss.

Deadline claims that the movie cost over $350 million (£275m) to produce, including reshoots. However, the publication reports that Dark Phoenix‘s final box office total worldwide may only be around the $285 million (£224m) mark.

Wow, it's considered a failure when the domestic box office totals fail to cover the production costs - but here, it looks like even the worldwide figures aren't going to be enough!

Has anyone seen it - and, if so, do you think it deserved to flop like this?
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