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Community introduction, and header/footer changes
About a month ago now, Dust Bowl suggested that we ought to set up an introductory page, to explain to new members who we are and what we're about. The resulting discussion took a while; however, between us, we've managed to put something together. The page contains a bit about our history, our basic philosophy, the kinds of discussions we have, and the activities that are on offer. It features contributions from both @ Dust Bowl and @ Crooked Crow , and a banner by @ Nilla and @ Oscar - but there was also input from plenty of other members at various other stages of the process. And now, at long last, it's ready - and it can be seen here :) :

Community Introduction

While I did this, I took the opportunity to make a few changes to the board header and footer. Here's a round-up of the changes I've made there:

  • I've put the top links into a more logical order. The 'introductory' stuff comes first; then important board functions (like the rules); then community-oriented links (like the Award Gallery).
  • I removed the 'Help' link from the top menu, since I don't think it's particularly helpful, unless you're completely new to forums :P . This page is now in the footer links, under the name 'MyBB Documentation'.
  • I got rid of the redirect link to the old board on the main index, and replaced it with an "Old TCH" item in the top menu. Since it's been almost a year since we moved, the link (and the accompanying instructions on how to retrieve your old password) aren't really necessary any more, so I decided to move it to a less prominent (but still visible) location.
  • Since EmojiOne has changed its name to JoyPixels, this is reflected in the footer link.

Enjoy :) !
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It's so awesome.

Love the banner, too. Good job, you guys!
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