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Ravenfreak's Random Works
I plan on posting my random works in this topic, whether it be art or poems. I'm not that great of an artist, but meh. :P Here are some pictures of a few bunkers we came across at the wildlife conservation area my girl and I visited last week and today to get things started! :D
[Image: 501796-C3-86-DA-4-F40-B6-DF-F3-E662-E78-E38.jpg]
This is by far my favorite bunker we seen. Despite the graffiti saying "close the door" it was locked shut so we couldn't get in. This is the one bunker I got closest to, since it wasn't completely overgrown nor did it have a wasps nest.

[Image: F514-FF9-F-1-AA7-43-FD-AB90-D5-E94773-E15-D.jpg]
I thought this eye ball looked cool. xD This is the right side of the same bunker in the image above.

[Image: 91646360-28-BA-49-AA-9-B84-C033-F2-AAB006.jpg]
I was going to try and see if this one was unlocked but the Sand Flies were pretty bad in this area. My girl said they were swarming near me, I heard a few of them buzzing by my ears.

[Image: 2-ED54-B44-2990-44-A8-9860-259-B8-DF0-A1-A8.jpg]
As you can see, this one was almost completely covered with overgrowth and we almost missed this one. This is another reason why we're definitely going back during the cooler seasons so we can see if these are a few of the bunkers that are accessible. Plus screw Sand Flies! Dx

[Image: B1177-BC8-7384-41-B1-B5-BE-AA5105-DA7-E74.jpg]
This was the first one we seen last week and is the same one that has the wasps nest. We didn't take this way during our trip today, but seeing how we were just there a week ago means that I doubt the wasps have abandoned their nest yet so there's no reason to go back that soon.

I do have a photo of another bunker, but that one turned out to be really blurry.
[Image: UlpiYU4.png?1]
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Nice! Keep them coming, bro.
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Those bunkers are cool!
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Nice pics!

A bit of a shame the bunker was closed. I wonder what was inside?
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