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Scientists find planet that shouldn't exist

Exoplanet discoveries—finding a planet outside of the solar system—have become a regular scientific occurrence, but they can still manage to surprise scientists. A new Neptunian planet, for example, has been discovered amidst what was previously described as a "Neptunian desert." Scientists on the international team that made the discovery have taken to calling it the "Forbidden Planet" as it defies expectations.

A Neptunian desert is a region of space where no planets around the size of Neptune, the fourth-largest planet in the solar system by diameter, can be found. At 15,299 miles diameter, Neptune is around 388 percent bigger than Earth. A Neptunian desert signifies that the region receives powerful radiation, strong enough to disseminate any gaseous atmosphere. That radiation leaves planet that normally be gaseous, like Neptune, as rocky cores.

Or at least, that's the theory.

Wow, this is quite a mystery :O .

I wonder whether this planet has been close to its star for a long time? Or maybe it has a specific composition which allows it to withstand the stellar radiation?
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