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Your Ragequit Stories
Sometimes, we'll do things in games (or, things will just happen to us in games) that cause us to throw down our controllers in disgust, delete our saved files, and refuse to go back to the game for several days afterwards. Here's a place to share your horror stories of of things that have caused you to ragequit from the games you've been playing over the years.

Here are a couple of my examples:

  • On RollerCoaster Tycoon, I'd built up a fairly considerable park, but my guests were having trouble finding their way around. So, I decided to construct a monorail, with several stations dotted around the park at convenient points for guests to get on and off. This took me close to an hour to build (from memory, it was a fairly large park, and money was pretty tight). When I finished, I decided the next thing to do would be to build a pizza stand by one of the entrances. Unfortunately, I mis-clicked, and built the pizza stall in the middle of nowhere by mistake. So, I went to demolish it... but I hit the wrong button, and demolished my monorail instead. I was furious with myself for that - and there was no way I was coming back to that park afterwards -_- !

  • On an old Beta version of Minecraft, I decided I wanted a little farm next to my house. So, I built a little animal pen, found a couple of pigs, and pushed them in. However, because this version didn't have any kind of breeding mechanics, they just despawned when I went out to do a bit of mining. Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed that I'd wasted so much time setting up that animal pen, so I just deleted the world -_- .

So, what tales of ragequitting do you have to share?
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When I was a kid, I was stuck on Xain in Legend of Legaia for the longest time. Whenever I would lose, I used to take my game out of the playstation and throw it on the ground. :V I also almost broke a controller playing Spyro 3 as a kid too. I used to slam the controller on the ground, and one of them cracked a tad bit on the side. I still get upset at games but I don't throw or attempt to break stuff anymore though.
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I killed someone for fun on Strife (before really knowing what the game was like) on day one of my adventure... turns out he was needed much later, and now my game was ****ed seven hours in...
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Couldn't beat the final boss of the SNES remake of SMB3 (under Super Mario Allstars), in where I took the game cart out and placed it in a box and wrote "Won't play this game again, because it's too hard". I was eleven at the time, so yeah.

A more recent one, when I was 14, I yanked out the game cart of Pokemon Ruby when I was about to lose in a trainer battle. I remember the screen being frozen and heard glitchy noises throughout.

These are the reasons why I don't play games anymore, since over thirteen years ago.
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SSBB's Subspace Emissary was so long I ended up giving up on it out of frustration. I've never finished it.
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