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Misleading or outdated names
I respect your opinion; I just don’t agree. I like the name Tyrannosaurus rex.
Also, Washington State has literally nothing to do with its namesake. George Washington never ever set foot there.
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^True, although one needn't set foot in an area to have it named after them. ;) Many states have a Washington County, or a Lincoln County, or an Adams or Jefferson or Madison or Monroe County, without those early presidents ever having set foot there.

(Kinda begs the question - why don't more states have a Van Buren County?  :thinking:  )

How about Greenland? It's not particularly green, is it, and per the Sagas, Erik The Red did that on purpose! ;)
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(07-30-2018, 07:07 PM)Kyng Wrote: Come to think of it, I'm surprised Jarkko's collection of linguistics reading material wasn't there :thinking: .
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In 1976, British Rail introduced its new high-speed train: the InterCity 125. The name comes from the fact that it had a maximum speed of 125mph. Nothing misleading about that :) .

Then, in 1988, the InterCity 225 came along, with a maximum speed of... 225mph? Sadly not: this time, it was 225km/h (which is about 140mph). Far from the 100mph increase in top speed that the name would suggest, the increase was in fact only 15mph :( .

Worse still, the track and the infrastructure couldn't handle this new increased speed... so, they only ever ran at 125mph in service anyway. In practice, there was zero improvement in top speed :lol: !
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Yep, there's a Lincoln County here too. 

Maned Wolf is really a wolf or a fox... but it's own canid, closely related to the Bush Dog and Falkland Islands Wolf.
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