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Minecraft Earth: Augmented reality game
Creeper Creeper

It won’t be long before the trees on your street are pixelated and little pigs and other animals are rampaging through neighborhoods — as long as you’re looking through the lens of a smartphone.

That’s the vision of the new Minecraft Earth augmented reality game that Microsoft unveiled this morning. Microsoft briefly teased it at its Build developer conference in Seattle last week, whetting the appetite of Minecraft fans until the game is released this summer.

The day after the game was teased at Microsoft Build, the company gave a handful of reporters a sneak peek at the game along with some time with executives leading the teams that developed it. They painted Minecraft Earth as a step forward for augmented reality games that are based on the real world.

Of course, the immediate name that comes to mind when talking about that genre is Pokémon Go. The team said “we don’t see ourselves as a clone” of anything that’s out there today, which they referred to mostly as “geocaching games.”

I'm not sure what to think of this yet. Part of me thinks seeing the real world converted to Minecraft blocks would be kinda cool; however, part of me also thinks it'd quickly get old.

So, is this going to work?
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