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25% of Antarctic ice sheet unstable
Antarctica Antarctica

One-quarter of the west Antarctic ice sheet is now unstable, according to a new study that looked at 25 years of satellite data.

Some of the largest glaciers have thinned by more than 120m with ice melting at up to five times the rate it was in the 1990s.

As the climate warms, rising sea levels form one of the most significant threats facing humanity. The complete loss of the west Antarctic ice sheet would result in global sea levels rising by up to 5m, scientists say.

“We can see clearly now that a wave of thinning has spread rapidly across some of Antarctica’s most vulnerable glaciers, and their losses are driving up sea levels around the planet,” said lead author Andy Shepherd from the University of Leeds.

“Altogether, ice losses from east and west Antarctica have contributed 4.6mm to global sea level rise since 1992.”

Definitely not good. 5 metres doesn't sound like very much, but it would be enough to submerge many coastal towns and cities - not to mention several island countries and about half of the Netherlands -_- .

Granted, we're not up to that point yet, but it is worrying that that's where we seem to be heading towards...
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Huh, this doesn't surprise me. 

One icy bit.
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I like how, in the future, we will be reading books about how great nature was... written by the same people who were hell-bent on turning the planet into the barren desert it is heading towards being.

I will NEVER shake off "The Passenger Pigeon" book, written shortly before the ending of the species died. A piece of media full of regret and crying, but that was written by someone who, many a time during the chapters, confessed to poaching and killing birds for fun.

*Headdesk for ever*.
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