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Rediscovering a Forum
As some of you might know, I spent nearly 3 years away from TCH from 2009-2012. This wasn't for any specific reason: mainly I just joined the new forum when it started up, then posted for a bit and drifted away from forums completely. At the end of that period, a random Google search - done out of boredom while revising - brought me to CJ's previous forum, from which I found that the community was still going. So, of course, I had to rejoin.

This got me wondering, has anyone else here had a long break from forums in general, or from a specific forum, and then rediscovered the community at a later date? I feel I can't be the only one with an experience like that. Would be cool to hear of others' stories.
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I left a forum, which shall remain nameless, in June of 2005, just to find it again under circumstances not unlike Pyrite's around 2010.

I posted a bit but left soon thereafter. It just wasn't the same.
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To be honest, not really. All the times I've been to a forum years after leaving it were when I intentionally searched for it out of nostalgia - and, by then, it was usually long-dead or not the same :( .
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I was a member of a LBP fansite back when LBP2 was still in beta, and for some reason I left it between the release of that game and LBP3. I think the site may have had a long downtime period or something that made me think it was gone, and by the time I discovered it had come back online, years had passed and the community was a shell of itself because it relied too heavily on word of mouth advertising, and in its absence other sites had stepped in and filled the void. Last I saw they were considering changing into a Dreams based forum, but whether they did or not I don't know. Their failure to ever advertise outside of the games and also forbidding any form of advertising on their forum (including any links in profiles) caused it to get stuck in its own bubble, and when that bubble lost air from extensive downtime, no one running the place seemed to make any attempt to get that air back in.
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I’ve left TCH twice, but I forgot the dates. I rejoined in 2018, though. 

I had had enough of forums, and wanted to focus on my wiki.
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I was active during my trial phase on Sonic Retro, but after being in pending approval for a bit and noticing my account was approved I still took a break from the community from mid 2009 to mid 2010. I also rediscovered Glitch City after I got my laptop in late 2008. I was able to get internet for about a month in late 2006/early 2007 but then I lost the service and wasn't able to visit GC during that time.
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Oh yea, this happened to me. I was a member of a gaming forum, that used to be hosted on xenfro a long time ago. I left from it due to the staff treating members like they were nothing but numbers getting them ad revenue, which I voiced on many occasions. But some thought that I was just a disgruntled mod who left due to some in fighting between staff. Which wasn't me; that was another member. So, I left. I went looking for it a good few years later only to find the forum was no where to be found. Come to find out around 2016 (or so) on their facebook page; that they had set themselves up on a reddit page. I visited & found out that their server went kaput, & no body was willing to put up the money to fix it. So, they just tried to make a come back on reddit & it failed miserably; which I found hilarious. 

Another forum I was on, I'll mention is Nintendo Friend Codes, which I had a few friends on that I had made. But it had so many members on it that I felt out of place & there was too much everywhere to know where to post, or where to go looking for people to play who what were with what game. So I left from there due to confusion, & went back around 2017 to find it had been changed a LOT. I went looking for them around 2018 & it had changed over from phpbb to Vbulletin & it looked NOTHING like the original forum did. Way too much had changed & I was out after that. I went looking for it this year & it's just gone. *shrugs*
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If I leave a forum, I don't bother going back to it, nor find myself rediscovering it randomly. Just wouldn't want to put myself through that, for fear that things won't be the same if I did return.
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I did that twice.

For the first one, I took a one year break, exactly.  I logged out on 31 December 2016 and logged back in on 1 January 2018.  When I came back, I found that the forum was twice as dead as it was when I left, with the community having moved to Discord.  I'm still around, it's mostly decent.

For the second one, I came back when I got an email notification that I got a new PM, and ended up sticking around for a while afterwards, before leaving for a second time recently.  And the craziest thing is that the PM wasn't meant for me.  It was a software glitch and it got delivered to the wrong person -_-
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