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Within Temptation
About time I made a topic for my favorite band ever.

You know how sometimes an otherwise mundane story has such a start to it that turns into a legend of sorts before your eyes? That is the kind of situation that made me aware of this band, and I'd like to share it with y'all.

I remember vising an internet cafe around 2005, to made short, uneducated, frankly annoying posts on a board I was visiting, when I noticed a huge, red-hot topic that stuck from the rest like an elephant in an ant farm. We were at war.

Apparently, members from another site had started legal action against the forum and site I was on over piracy. If that doesn't sound stupid enough for you all, let me just add that they were both ABANDONWARE sites! Neither was legal! Yet, apparently, the one I was on was the "less legal" of the both. The back-and-forth that ensued was one of the most epic things I remember reading... just pointless, yet mighty passionate.

About three pages in, someone posted a link to the forum topic that started it all, over at the other site. Scrolling through it didn't really do much for me, other than giving me a quick reminder of the year, with the text-only signatures and tacky avatars. One of those signatures had the lyrics to Within Temptation's Mother Earth on it, and I knew just by reading the opening verses that that was gonna be my band.

I still remember that to this day, because three lines of an unknown song, written in a language I could not speak were enough for me to close the stupid drama and start looking them up instead. Ever since then, I had not stop loving this group... and I even paid homage to the original situation that made me aware of the band by using the opening lyrics to Ice Queen as my signature on Universal Gaming.

But yeah, wacky intro aside, I can say with total confidence that Within Temptation is a brilliant band.

Their music is dark, yet bright. The lyrics are sang with tremendous conviction to them and the singer makes an effort to tell an engaging story, while hitting high and low notes with seemingly no effort.

The musicians also do their best to bring the songs to life. There's some real talent manning all the instruments in there, and listening to parts where only them intervene, without the lyrics, is a joyful experience all the same. Very few bands can pull this off, in my experience.

I don't even know to what genre do their songs belong to, I just know that I could be listening to the great range all my life. They are THAT good.

Let me link you to three of my favorite songs:

Rock on, dudes! [Image: image.gif]
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That story is pretty interesting. I know that I’ve seen song lyrics in the past before listening to the actual music that automatically drew me towards liking the artist. I think that lyrics are so important because we often search for music that can speak to us on a deeper, emotional level. Your story happened like fourteen years ago and it’s amazing how both the music and your love for it had stuck around since. 

Considering its importance to you, I decided to look them up on Spotify. Although I like some rock or metal type music, I have to admit that this isn’t the type of stuff I’d normally look for or search for. I wasn’t a too big fan of their song ‘The Reckoning’ but the other few that I listened to I enjoyed. I watched some of the music videos of the songs that you listed above and I enjoyed ‘Ice Queen’ the most. I also liked the songs ‘Stand my ground’, ‘let us burn’ and ‘endless war’. I have to admit that her vocal range is impressive, especially on the high notes. It reminded me of Amy Lee from Evanescence because she is able to do a similar thing with her voice. 

Due to some of the pronunciations of a few words, I decided to look Within Temptation up on Wikipedia. They’re Dutch, which is pretty cool, and have been producing music for a long time. It also said that they’ve done some stuff with BBC Radio in the UK in the past. However, you mentioning them is the first time I’ve heard of them. 

Overall, I don’t usually listen to music this heavy but I can acknowledge both the skills of the background music and the singing. Their music alone would definitely be cool as a backing track on shows or movies. I think that seeing them live, regardless of if you like their music or not, would be an experience because of how talented they are. I might give them more of a listen in future. For example, when I’m playing videogames or something because it sounds like the kind of music you can concentrate to.

Thank you for sharing. :)
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Within Temptation, a metal band with amazing songs and videos <3

One of their songs being featured in an episode of Vampire Diaries <3
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